In order to make easier to purchase our products, DELTIMUSSEL, through its website ostrasdeespañ, offers you three different safety methods of paying:


1.    Credit card or debit card

2.    Paypal

3.    Bank transfer


1.    Credit and debit card: Virtual POS (Point of Sale) and 3-D Secure

Payment of goods is to be made by a Visa, Mastercard or American Express credit card or any debit card.

Thanks to the online payment Virtual POS provided by Bank of Sabadell, your bank details are only processed by Banco de Sabadell and never by Deltimussel. In fact, when you enter your card details to make a purchase from ostrasdeespañ, you are actually supplying them to Banco de Sabadell and not to ostrasdeespañ


What is 3-D Secure?

Verified by VISAMasterCard SecureCode

3-D Secure or "Verified by Visa" and MasterCard "SecureCode" is a new form of payment for Internet, enabling secure payment in e-commerce sites, protecting your credit card with your PIN, which is an Internet password or sending a code via SMS to your mobile number.These methods depend on each entity and type of card.

Why a PIN is required if I recently purchased by another shop ?

As it is now necessary to enter our PIN payments in conventional shops POS, e-commerce now has a comparable safety system .

Without secure payment system, anyone who can access your credit card number, expiration date and CVV2 / CVC2 code could make purchases charged to your card and that is as simple as looking over your shoulder to pay any trade.

How can I buy

It is almost the same system as the one before, you will only have to introduce your credit card number and its expiration date, its PIN or password witha exclusive use for internet’s purchase, or a code sent to your mobile in order to end the payment. But before the first use,you must activate your card and follow the procedure of your bank.

All data provided in the buying process is encrypted under the SSL (Secure Socket Layers) to ensure its maximum safety and cannot be intercepted while being transmitted over the network. Remember that the site where you enter your card details belongs to our bank partner (Sabadell Bank), so you are supplying your card details to the bank not to us.

If the card is refused by the POS, the card will  be automatically canceled. For payments made with cards issued outside Spain, will be necessary that the issuing bank has the Security Protocol Secure Electronic Commerce (ESC).Card payments that do not meet this requirement will not be accepted.

Once your order is finished, you will receive an email confirming receipt of the order, you can print for your records and security.


2.    PayPal

PayPal is an online account-based system that lets anyone with an email address send and receive online payments using their credit card or bank account. You can use it at ostrasdeepañ to pay safely, easily and quickly. During the ordering process, you can also open up a PayPal account if you already don't have one.



The transfer payment is available only for phone orders. When ordering we will provide youthe order’s amount, the order number and the account number where you must enter that amount. The transfer must include your full name and order number.Remember to send us a receipt of your bank transfer via email. Once we have checked the payment, we will proceed to prepare and deliveryour order.

Note that this method of payment will delay the delivery one or two days.