Dispatch and delivery process


Here is how we dispatch and delivery orders:

  1. Once you have placed your order we proceed to select the best oysters for you, following a strong quality control after going through a process of purification. Oysters are carefully packed up, placing them in an horizontal position with the concave side down for a better conservation.
  2. Then one of our transport agencies will collect and deliver the package to your home in a isothermal transport to preserver the cold chain so your product can arrive in a perfect conditions.
  3. Orders placed before 14am (GMT) Monday to Wednesday will be processed and dispatched within the next 48 hours. In case you cannot receive your order during the delivery schedule, please contact us by mail or phone and we will try to adapt to your needs.


When processing your order, remember:

  1. If you would like to order now, but have your oysters arrive at a later date. As you complete your order there is a commentbox. Enter whatever date (Tuesday through Thursday; we do not deliver on weekends or holidays) youd like your oysters to arrive. Orders are always processed one day before deliver them.
  2. If you place your order and want it to arrive seven days late, remember that the price could change so we will set the product price as it will be at the moment for its deliver.
  3. When you make the order through the web, there is a comments box where you can add whatever you want to regarding the date and address of delivery, or about your personal details
  4. To be sure that your order is placed, you will receive an e-mail confirming that the payment is done.
  5. If the order is made by phone o by e-mail, you will be able to pay it by a bank transfer to the account number indicated. The order will be proceded and dispatched and delivered as soon as we receive the payment confirmation. We let you know all the details’ procese by e-mail or phone.


Delivery costs and VAT are included in the final product price.